What Is Foreclosure And How To Avoid It?

Learn the whole process of foreclosure and how to avoid it. Foreclosure takes place in the following 5 steps:

1- Missed Payments
2- Public Notice
3- Pre Foreclosure
4- Auction
5- Post Foreclosure

How It Happens:

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When a loan agreement for the purchase price of a property or home takes place between the buyer and lender, then the buyer has all the rights of the property and becomes the homeowner. If the homeowner fails to pay off outstanding debt to the mortgage foreclosure happens.

Due to which the buyer has to sell the property in less amount. After that foreclosure auction occurs and if the property does not sell then all rights of the property go to the lender, the lender then has possession of that property. It’s all the legal process that takes some time for results.

Ways To Avoid Foreclosure:

There are several ways to avoid foreclosure without having long processes, we have explained all these steps in detail, are as follows:

1- Contact The Lender Earlier
2- Sell And Buy Again
3- Borrow Some Money
4- Put Home On Rent
5- Avoid Foreclosure By Using Assets

1-Contact The Lender Earlier

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If the homeowner or a borrower knows that he can not pay debts to the lender then he should tell the lender before because if you don’t pay and take action after a long time then this may cost the lender huge amount. As the lender does not want your house. They have many choices to help or negotiate with borrowers through difficult financial times.

2-Sell And Buy Again

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If you are the homeowner then you can also do one thing, you can sell the home to any of your neighbors or reference dealer in less amount and can pay debts to the lender. After this, you can buy that home from that person again at the price decided before. By this, you have an opportunity of buying that home again from your reference person in less amount which you and he decided before.

3-Borrow Some Money

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For avoiding foreclosure you can borrow some money from your friends or any other person, then you can pay the debts to the lender and it’s simply easy to avoid foreclosure by this. By this, you will also be the borrower of your friend or from the person who helps you but you wouldn’t be homeless.

4-Put Home On Rent

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You have also an opportunity of putting your home on rent, by the rent money you can pay the debts to the lender and foreclosure will not happen. As during agreement, all rights go to the borrower and he has the right to put his house on rent. This is the most beneficial way for avoiding foreclosure without any long processes. By this, you can also pay debts to the lender and still the rights and possession of the home will be yours.

5-Avoid Foreclosure By Using Assets

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For avoiding foreclosure you can borrow some money from your friends or any other person, then you can pay the dIf you are the homeowner and don’t have enough money to pay for debts then you can sell your assets like a second car, jewelry or life insurance policy, these payments can not increase your available cash much but can be demonstrated to the lender that you are willing and trying your best for keeping your home. In these cases, you need more time to avoid foreclosure so that you can arrange money or find a solution or requesting to the lender to help you.


If we want to avoid forclosure of home or of any property we must follow all above rules, as these are necessary for keeping our home. First think yourself that are you capable of paying debts, if you have a strong enough net income as compared to the debts then you can do such agreement, otherwise this may make you and your home at risk.

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